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Big Buck Barns

Steel buildings or pole barns are no longer just large square buildings with no windows and large doors. The new trend for these buildings is to create a visual and functional multi-use building, transforming what was a simple storage place to something special. Pole buildings and barns of the past were built to hold equipment or livestock.

Todays Post Frame structures and or Barndominiums

as they are called are built for there beauty and comfort of the owners. They are less expensive to build than a traditional stick frame building, but you are able to have all the extra amenities found in a traditional building. They are strong and versatile as well.

A post frame structure allows for a wide open floor plan, not limited to load bearing wall. Another advantage is energy efficiency because walls end up thicker, having more insulation and less air gaps. Post frame structures of the past have been stereotyped as appropriate only for the farm, which is no longer the case. There endless options - soffit overhangs, cupolas, shutters, awnings, porches, a variety of window styles and door panel options and colors - available to "dress up a building". The exterior of a building can also include steel wainscoting, brick, or stone that dramatically changes the entire look of the structure.

So you can build your building and create any type of use you need, living quarters, shop, garage, horse areas only your imagination is the limit to how the building can be designed.

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