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Meet the team that will take you through the Easy-Eight step program
to build your Barn or Building of your dreams.

Steve Gilbert Co-Owner

Raised in rural southern Iowa. My family has been involved in the construction business for over 50 years. We have built a family of businesses around the same, proven method- good old fashioned customer service. Our goal is to provide our customers what they expect and deserve in an honest, upfront manner. Serving rural and small town America is my passion and where I feel at home. We recognize that rural America is, oftentimes, underserved and that is why we are so excited to bring such a comprehensive approach to the construction industry in the heart of America.

Damon Boyd Co-Owner

Born and raised in Leon, IA. Growing up in the construction business has given me the opportunity to be involved in multiple aspects of construction. The part of construction that I specialize in is keeping the project moving and reaching the customers timeline goals. In all construction projects there are multiple barriers to completing the process. Our goal is to shorten or eliminate as many of those barriers as possible by helping the customer throughout the building process. I also keep the project moving by managing the multiple tradesman involved. Honesty, Integrity and Transparency are three values we live by and our promise to the customer is to make building an enjoyable experience.

The Easy-Eight Step Program


Step 1.

Contact the Patriot Buildings team.

This is your most important step in the whole process. Whether you chose to take step number one right now or at the end of this page, it’s the fastest way to get started building your New Home! We will help you select the perfect floor plan for you and help you create your perfect home. 1000’s of plans to choose from.

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Step 2.

Location, Location, Location, find where you want to build your dream wood barn or barn home.

Where do you want to live. Whether you already own the ground you plan to build on, or need to find that perfect place. Patriot Buildings is here for you. We work with many realtors in the area to assist you in finding the perfect location for the right price.


Step 3.

Obtain financing through your own bank of choice or contact our team for financing needs. Then generate a budget.

You now know what you want to build and where you want to build it. It’s time to get the funding to make your dreams come true. So whether you have your own financial institution or we have several that we can recommend. We will assist you through getting the loans if needed to build your home.


Step 4.

Finalize your floor plan and amenities for your new Building or Barn.

Our professional consultants will sit down with you and finalize your floor plans, Heating and cooling types and all the other mechanical needs for your home before construction begins. In this way everyone know exactly how your house will be built.


Step 5.

The entire project will be calculated by our Estimator.

You have the what, where and how much. Let Patriot Buildings calculate what it will take to make your dreams come true! Our consultants and estimators will figure out the exact cost to build your home. Here’s when you meet your Project Manager.


Step 6.

Down payment will occur and the construction process will begin.

The building begins. The great part for you is you only have one person to work with. Your Project Manager, he will handle all other contractors and sub-contractors through out the entire project. He keeps you informed of the progress of the build from start to finish.


Step 7.

Communicating clearly with our client throughout the construction process and a final walk through will take place to insure the client's satisfaction.

The sod is in the lights are on and it’s time for the final walk through. Your Project Manager will walk you through your new building and explain in detail everything you need to know about your heating systems, cooling systems, smart technologies feature you had installed. Every feature of your new home.


Step 8.

Keys to your new Building.

Today you receive the keys to your dream, wait it is no longer a dream it is real. You are the Home Owner of your own palace. It’s time to start moving in and enjoying your great new life in your new building.

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